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Top 100 Dividend Stocks
Top 100 stocks based on dividend growth, cash flow, payout ratio, net income, yield and performance.

Ex-Dividend Ratings
Get premium dividend data for stocks going ex-dividend each month.

Dividend Growth Stocks
Find stocks with the best dividend and income growth rates.

High Yield REITs
A complete list of Real Estate Investment Trusts that yield 2% or more trade above $5 per share.

High Yield Ratings
See how the stocks listed on our high yield list stack up against our DSO rating system.

Safe Dividends
Dividend-Paying stocks that have increased their dividend for 20 consecutive years or more.

Monthly Dividend Stocks
Dividend-Paying stocks and funds that distribute dividends to shareholders monthly.

International Dividend Stocks
See the DSO ratings for Canadian stocks and other International Companies.


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Save over 50%:   Just $9 for your first month. $19 for each month thereafter. Cancel anytime.
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