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Thank you for visiting Dividend Stocks Online. Our website was founded in 2008 to help dividend investors find high yielding stocks. Since 2008 we have been providing fresh and updated content to help our readers find the best dividend stocks. While most of our content is free we do have a premium membership available to those who need more detailed dividend data.

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All visitors have access to our free dividend stock lists. These lists are updated monthly and include lists based on dividend yield, stock sector, ex-dividend date and monthly dividend paying stocks. The free dividend lists make the company, symbol and yield available for free. Other data on these lists are reserved for our premium members. Each list category is highlighted below.

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Our Top Dividend membership offers premium dividend data for dividend investors that need more that just yield information. We use our DSO rating system to rate dividend stocks and to create our best dividend stock list. This rating system is also used to create the rating you see in our other premium dividend lists. The DSO rating system uses dividend yield, dividend growth rate, net income growth rate, payout ratio and stock performance to evaluate dividend-paying stocks.

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