High Yield Dividend Stocks

Dividend yield is one of the 6 points we use to rank dividend stocks. Not all high yielding stocks make good investments. It’s important to examine the fundamentals of each company before making a decision to buy or sell a stock.

A dividend yield is the percentage that a stock yields in dividends per year. You can calculate the dividend yield by dividing the total dividend paid per year by the stock price. As stock prices fluctuate, so will the dividend yield. Please use caution when investing and be sure to do your own research before buying any stocks. This is not a buy list. Consult a financial advisor before making any decision to buy or sell a stock.

The highest yielding stocks do not always provide the highest return. It’s important to consider other factors like growth, return on investment and the payout ratio. Take a look at our top dividend membership to get more information on each stock listed on our high yield stock list.