Monthly Dividends

The two lists below contains stocks and funds that yield 3% or higher and pay monthly dividends. Monthly distributions can be a good source of income for investors and retirees. Some investors choose to live off the dividend income they receive each month while others will reinvest their income using a DRIP program. There are over 200 funds and trusts that seek to provide monthly income to investors. We have provided a short description of each fund for our premium members.

Last Update: 5/21/2018

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Monthly Dividend Stocks

NameSymbolYield1 Year
Return %
LTC PropertiesLTC5.8-14.4
Realty Income CorpO50.8
Shaw CommunicationsSJR4.62.3
AGNC InvestmentAGNC11.45.2
Apple HospitaltyAPLE6.54.8
Chatham LodgingCLDT6.611.4
Horizon Tech FinanceHRZN120
Stag IndustrialSTAG5.62.1
Main StreetMAIN5.98.1

Monthly Dividend Funds and Trusts

Change %
1 Year
Return %
Cornerstone Strategic Value FundCLM19.1-4.2-10.3Members Only
PIMCO High Income FundPHK128-8Members Only
AGIC Convertible & Income FundNCV11.4-3.1-1.3Members Only
AGIC Convertible and Income Fund IINCZ11.6-4-1.7Members Only
Prospect Capital CorporationPSEC10.8-0.7-18Members Only
PIMCO Global StocksPLUS & IncomePGP10.5-9-28Members Only
Gamco Global Gold Ntrl Rsrcs&IncmGGN11.9-2.9-11.3Members Only
Western Asset Mrtg Defined OppnDMO10.2-2-3.5Members Only
Guggenheim Strategic OpportunitiesGOF10.3-1.71.7Members Only
MFS Intermediate Income TrustMIN9.9-8-10.8Members Only
Calamos Conv. Opptys. & Income FundCHI9.92.86.3Members Only
Avenue Income Credit Strategies FundACP10.11.60.8Members Only
MFS Special Value TrustMFV10.4-3.2-4Members Only
Wells Fargo Adv Multi-Sector Inco FundERC10.1-2.6-4.8Members Only
MFS Charter Income TrustMCR9.4-6.7-8.4Members Only
PIMCO Corporate&Income OpportunityPTY8.69.813Members Only
Western Asset Glbl Partners IncomeGDF1.909.7Members Only
Alpine Global Premier Properties FundAWP9.3-4.65.9Members Only
Pimco Income Strategy FundPFL93.14.4Members Only
Pimco Income Strategy Fund IIPFN9.11.22.1Members Only
First Trust High Income Long/shortFSD9.8-10-12.8Members Only
Calamos Global Total Return FundCGO8.5-6.213.6Members Only
Gladstone Capital CorporationGLAD9.2-0.4-7.1Members Only
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged DivideETO8.32.29.9Members Only
PIMCO Income Opportunity FundPKO8.44.65.2Members Only
PIMCO Strategic Global GovernmentRCS9.13.6-2.5Members Only
Gabelli Utility TrustGUT10.4-19-15.7Members Only
MFS Government Markets Income TrustMGF8.3-6.7-9.3Members Only
Advent Claymore Convertible Sec FundAVK9.2-3.8-2.8Members Only
ING International High Dividend EquityIID9.1-8.4-2.6Members Only
Calamos Strategic Total Return FundCSQ82.28.4Members Only
Western Asset High Income Fund IIHIX8.4-6.3-11.3Members Only
PCM FundPCM8.20.59.9Members Only
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income FundFAX9.4-8.2-10Members Only
First Trust Strgy. High Income Fund IIFHY8-7.1-11.5Members Only
Pioneer High Income TrustPHT8.2-2.7-4.7Members Only
Eaton V.Tax-Advantaged DividendEVT7.6-1.96.7Members Only
Western Asset Global High IncomeEHI7.9-8.9-8.3Members Only
Pimco Corporate & Income StrategyPCN7.9-0.14.6Members Only
John Hancock Preferred Income FundHPI8.1-3.5-3.5Members Only
John Hancock Pref. Income Fund IIHPF8.4-6.5-6.4Members Only
Blackstone/Gso Dynamic Credit FundBGX7.45.61.1Members Only
ING Clarion Global Real Estate IncomeIGR8.2-8.1-1.4Members Only
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity IncomeEOI6.76.916.8Members Only
First Trust/Aberdeen Global OpportunityFAM8.6-10.2-12.3Members Only
BlackRock Corporate High Yield VIHYT8-3.8-4.7Members Only
Cohen & Steers Select Pref & IncomePSF8.1-9.7-7.5Members Only
Nuveen Preferred Income OpportunitiesJPC8.1-6.4-3.9Members Only
Western Asset Global Corp Defind OppGDO7.9-8.3-7.5Members Only
Neuberger Berman High YieldNHS7.2-6.9-8Members Only
Eaton Vance Tax-Advantaged GlobalETG7.2-0.83.6Members Only
Invesco Van Kampen Dyn Cr Opp FundVTA6.40-3.2Members Only
Nuveen Senior Income FundNSL6.80-5.9Members Only
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity IncEOS6.113.921.4Members Only
John Hancock Patriot Premium Div IIPDT7.6-10.7-7.2Members Only
DNP Select Income FundDNP7.20.4-1.2Members Only
Wells Fargo Advantage Utilities & HighERH7.4-7.1-7.6Members Only
Flaherty & Crumrine Pref. IncomePFO7.4-8.7-13.5Members Only
LMP Corporate Loan FundTLI6.1-1.2-9.2Members Only
Nuveen Multi-Strategy IncomeJQC6.1-1.6-6.6Members Only
Invesco Van Kampen High income IIVLT7.4-7.8-7.4Members Only
Putnam Master Int. IncomePIM6.30.4-0.4Members Only
John Hancock Tax-Advantage DvdHTD7.4-9.5-11Members Only
Apollo Senior Floating Rate Fund IncAFT72-4.7Members Only
Lazard World Dividend & Income FundLOR8-52.8Members Only
AllianceBernstein Global Hgh IncomeAWF7.2-8.5-7.9Members Only
Pioneer Floating Rate TrustPHD6.3-0.8-5.8Members Only
BlackRock Ltd. Duration Income TrustBLW6.4-6-3.9Members Only
The Gabelli Dividend & Income TrustGDV-3.2-3.26.7Members Only
First Trust/Four Corners SFRI IIFCT5.50.5-4.5Members Only
Lazard Global Total Return & IncomeLGI7.52.617.4Members Only
Putnam Premier Income TrustPPT5.72.85.4Members Only
Eaton Vance Senior Floating-RateEFR5.81.7-1Members Only
Reaves Utility Income FundUTG7.2-9-17.1Members Only
Invesco Van Kampen Trust For MunVGM5.9-7.3-7.2Members Only
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate IncomeEFT5.63.7-2.1Members Only
Eaton Vance Senior Income TrustEVF5.70.8-2.5Members Only
Invesco Van Kampen Senior IncomeVVR5.3-0.2-5.8Members Only
Franklin Universal TrustFT5.8-7.2-7.1Members Only
BlackRock Income TrustBKT5.6-7.3-8.5Members Only
DWS Multi Market Income TrustKMM4.5-1.1-0.5Members Only

*Please note: This list does not include every stock that pays dividends monthly. Stock prices and yields do change daily. This is not a buy, recommendation or stock pick list. This is information only. Invest at your own risk.

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