Monthly Dividends

The two lists below contains stocks and funds that yield 3% or higher and pay monthly dividends. Monthly distributions can be a good source of income for investors and retirees. Some investors choose to live off the dividend income they receive each month while others will reinvest their income using a DRIP program. There are over 200 funds and trusts that seek to provide monthly income to investors. We have provided a short description of each fund for our premium members.

Last Update: 12/16/2016

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Monthly Dividend Stocks

NameSymbolYield1 Year
Return %
Fifth Street FinanceFSC13.3-12.1
Banco BradescoBBD4.949.1
LTC PropertiesLTC4.99
Realty Income CorpO4.38
Corus EntertainmentCJR9.222.1
Shaw CommunicationsSJR4.43

Monthly Dividend Funds and Trusts

NameSymbolYield1 Year
Return %
Own %
Members OnlyMembers Only20.30.115Seeks long term total return through diversified equity and short term investments
Members OnlyMembers Only12.124.113Seeks to generate both current income and long-term capital appreciation through debt and equity investments. It focuses on making investments in private companies
Members OnlyMembers Only8.711.651Invests in the world bond markets and corporate debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only11.3-64.215Invests primarily in equity securities of gold and natural resources companies and focuses to earn income primarily through a strategy of writing (selling) primarily covered call options on equity securities in its portfolio
Members OnlyMembers Only11.821.619Invests in a diversified portfolio of domestic convertible securities and non-convertible, high-yield bonds rated below investment grade.
Members OnlyMembers Only12.118.115Invests in securities with high dividends through various sectors globally
Members OnlyMembers Only11.314.114Invests in below investment grade income securities and common stock
Members OnlyMembers Only11.39.78Manages a portfolio that includes investments in fixed income and equity securities
Members OnlyMembers Only12.3-17.65Seeks current income and long-term capital appreciation through stocks and/or index and other derivative instruments.
Members OnlyMembers Only10.9-0.2824Invests in debt securities, including United States government securities, listed corporate bonds, other fixed income and asset-backed securities
Members OnlyMembers Only10.4-3.748Invests all funds in investment-grade debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only10.44.119Manages a diversified portfolio of floating and/or fixed-rate debt instruments
Members OnlyMembers Only10.27.110Invests at least 80% in high yield debt securities.
Members OnlyMembers Only9.39.420Seeks high income through debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.810.942Manages a diversified portfolio of below-investment-grade and investment-grade debt securities, and equity securities and corporate bonds
Members OnlyMembers Only10.54.518Manages a diversified portfolio of floating and/or fixed-rate debt instruments
Members OnlyMembers Only9.912.421Manages a portfolio of corporate bonds, loans, preferred stock, mortgage- and asset-backed securities and sovereign debt, and derivatives
Members OnlyMembers Only11-2.75Invests in mortgage-related securities to produce regular income
Members OnlyMembers Only9.85.73Invests in common stock and other securities of foreign and domestic companies in the electricity, gas and water, and telecommunications services or infrastructure operations sectors
Members OnlyMembers Only10.35.733Invests primarily in high-yield bonds, debentures, notes, corporate loans, convertible debentures
Members OnlyMembers Only12.44.37Seeks income and realized gains through dividend-producing equity securities of foreign companies
Members OnlyMembers Only9.42027Invests in high-yield US and foreign debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.63.67Invests in preferred stocks and securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.538Invests in preferred stocks and securities
Members OnlyMembers Only9.12.448Seeks high level of income by investing in multiple industries
Members OnlyMembers Only8.5216Invests 20% of its total assets in the utilities sector and 80% of its total assets in preferred securities or other fixed-income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only9.322.49Seeks high income through debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only7.419.734Invests in high-yield debt securities of domestic companies
Members OnlyMembers Only8.411.134Invests in debt securities of issuers in emerging market countries
Members OnlyMembers Only11.6-10.139Invest in foreign securities and equity-linked structured notes
Members OnlyMembers Only8.814.148Manages a portfolio of investment includes agency securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, corporate bonds and notes, and industrials
Members OnlyMembers Only811.236Invests in high-yield foreign sovereign debt securities and US corportae debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only11.32.550Manages a diversified portfolio of convertibles and non-convertible income securities in multiple sectors
Members OnlyMembers Only11.3-6.651Invests in a diversified portfolio of global equity, global convertible and below investment-grade (high-yield) fixed-income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only10.98.69Invests in corporate debt obligations and US Government securities, municipal securities and mortgage-backed securities
Members OnlyMembers Only10.917.241Invests in loan and debt instraments
Members OnlyMembers Only8.16.615Invests 80% of its assets in preferred securities, 20% in other income oriented securities
Members OnlyMembers Only85.917Manages a portfolio of preferred and other US and Foreign income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only7.511.93Manages a diversified portfolio of equity and fixed income securities of companies in the public utilities industries
Members OnlyMembers Only18.5-2.14Seeks capital appreciation through diversified global equity securities
Members OnlyMembers Only7.913.316Invests in sovereign debt securities issued by the US and developing nations
Members OnlyMembers Only9.79.116Manages a portfolio comprised primarily of commercial mortgage-backed securities
Members OnlyMembers Only867Invests in traditional preferred stocks eligible for the inter-corporate dividends received deduction (DRD) and fully taxable preferred securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.8-4.453Invests in United States and foreign government securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8-3.120Provoides income through investing in mid to large common cap stocks
Members OnlyMembers Only7.98.630Manages a diversified portfolio of below-investment grade fixed income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only9.29.69Invests in USGovernment securities, municipal securities and mortgage-backed securites
Members OnlyMembers Only7.91227Invests in medium to low grade fixed income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.4-4.714Invests in mid to large cap stocks
Members OnlyMembers Only13.88.44Invests primarily in a diversified portfolio of United States dollar denominated high-yield corporate debt obligations
Members OnlyMembers Only4.115.440Manages a portfolio of lower-rated corporate fixed-income securities; fixed-income securities of emerging markets and of the US Government
Members OnlyMembers Only11.14.215Manages a portfolio of investment grade taxable preferred securities, debt securities and preferred securities
Members OnlyMembers Only9.98.719Manages a global portfolio of corporate debt, government and sovereign debt, mortgage-backed, bank loans and convertible securities
Members OnlyMembers Only12.10.420Invests in mortgage-backed securities
Members OnlyMembers Only7.914.68Manages a diversified portfolio of dividend paying preferred and common equity securities
Members OnlyMembers Only9.65.715Manages a portfolio of equities, convertible securities and below-investment-grade (high-yield) fixed-income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only514.141Invests in US corporte fixed income securites and foreign debt
Members OnlyMembers Only4.820.134Invests in income producing securities in multiple sectors
Members OnlyMembers Only85.931Invests in fixed-income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.5-0.429Invests in high-yield coporat bonds in multiple sectors
Members OnlyMembers Only10.5-5.39Invests in dividend-paying common and preferred stocks
Members OnlyMembers Only710.451Manages a portfolio is generally invested in 60 to 90 securities, consisting primarily of the highest dividend-yielding stocks
Members OnlyMembers Only7.515.954Manages a diversified portfolio of US and foreign high-yield corporate fixed-income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only6.99.144Manages a equity portfolio that is invested primarily in equity securities of global companies with financial productivity and attractive valuations
Members OnlyMembers Only7.410.69Management investment company that invests in term loans
Members OnlyMembers Only8.7-9.913Seeks total return though investing in dividend-paying common and preferred stocks
Members OnlyMembers Only7.61954Invests in secured and unsecured loans
Members OnlyMembers Only6.88.329Manages a portfolio of investment grade corporate bonds, high yield bonds (junk bonds), bank loans, preferred securities or convertible bonds
Members OnlyMembers Only7.815.139Invests in floating or variable-rate collateralized senior loans to corporations
Members OnlyMembers Only5.711.555Manages a diversified portfolio of common stocks, REITs and foreign debt securities of any investment grade
Members OnlyMembers Only8.9628Invests in Asian debt securities, Australian debt securities and New Zealand debt securities
Members OnlyMembers Only7.116.332Manages a portfolio of interests in floating or variable rate senior loans to corporations
Members OnlyMembers Only7.510.713Manages a portfolio of dividend-paying common and preferred securities in the oil, gas, telecom and financial sectors
Members OnlyMembers Only6.112.952Invests in Senior floating rate loans
Members OnlyMembers Only7.31333Invests in senior secured and second lien loans
Members OnlyMembers Only5.1-1.951Invests in securities that are issued or guaranteed by the United States government or rated AAA
Members OnlyMembers Only6-2.210Seeks to provide a high level of current income exempt from federal income tax though investment grade municpal securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.56.515Invests primarily in dividend-paying common and preferred stocks.
Members OnlyMembers Only6.312.844Invests in floating or variable rate senior loans to corporations
Members OnlyMembers Only5.818.714Manages a portfolio of corporate bonds, utilities common stocks, natural resources common stocks, senior floating rate interests, miscellaneous preferred stocks, media common stocks, and cash and other net assets
Members OnlyMembers Only5.2-0.3645Invests in income-producing common shares, preferred shares, convertible preferred shares and debt securities issued by real estate companies
Members OnlyMembers Only4.410.636Invests in global income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only8.4-3.824Invests in income-producing real estate securities (including REITs)
Members OnlyMembers Only6.42.150Invests in senior, secured loans made to companies whose debt is rated below investment grade
Members OnlyMembers Only5-1.850Invests in municipal bonds of investment grade quality
Members OnlyMembers Only6.218.132Mostly invests in senior, secured floating rate loans
Members OnlyMembers Only6.112.576Invests in senior secured floating-rate corporate loans
Members OnlyMembers Only8.319.226Invests in high-yield debt securities most of which are low grade
Members OnlyMembers Only9.59.336Manages a portfolio of high-yield and investment-grade corporate bonds, emerging markets debt securities, the US government securities
Members OnlyMembers Only6.415.420Manages a portfolio of dividend-paying common and preferred stocks and debt instruments of companies within the utility industry
Members OnlyMembers Only70.938Invests in higher yielding, lower rated bonds that have a higher rate of default
Members OnlyMembers Only7.121.339Invests in adjustable rate senior secured loans
Members OnlyMembers Only7.79.536Manages a diversified portfolio of convertible securities and non-convertible income securities
Members OnlyMembers Only617.935Invests in senior, secured floating-rate loans
Members OnlyMembers Only617.754Invests in secured floating rate loans
Members OnlyMembers Only6.31.634Invests in higher yielding, lower-rated bonds that have a higher rate of default due to the nature of the investments
Members OnlyMembers Only6.69.917Invests in in dividend paying securities (such as common and preferred stock) or other income producing securities (such as fixed income debt securities)

*Please note: This list does not include every stock that pays dividends monthly. Stock prices and yields do change daily. This is not a buy, recommendation or stock pick list. This is information only. Invest at your own risk.

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