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Dividend News – sbux, csb, t, bby

Starbucks announced last week that they will start paying dividends of $.40 per share over the next year. At it’s current level it will give the stock around a 1.5% yield. The fact that the stock traded down 3% after the news came out was a over reaction from the market. I don’t think a 1.5% yield will draw a lot of dividend investors to sbux, but it does change the way people will invest in sbux overall.

AT&T declared a quarterly dividend of $.42 which is payable to share holders that own the stock on April 9th, 2010. This is in line with AT&T’s previous dividend payments. T has a yield over 6%. Read more

Stocks with a Annual Dividend of $4 or more

Stocks that pay a high dividend are always of interest to dividend investors. The annual dividend doesn’t always mean its a good stock to buy, but its appealing to many investors to know that they can be earning $4 or more for each share they own annually. Read more