7 Dividend Blogs You Need To Read

We aim to inform our readers with quality dividend posts and lists… but we can’t cover everything. There are several other great bloggers out there covering dividend investing that you should be reading. Use these blogs to help you with your dividend learning and research.

1. The Dividend Pig

Follow the Dividend Pig on their journey towards creating a passive income stream large enough to live off of. You can view this investors current holdings and track their dividend income. You will also find in depth dividend analysis and news.

2. The Passive Income Earner

The Passive Income Earner started blogging because sharing financial information is a passion of theirs. Spending an hour a day reading and researching investment materials made blogging an easy transition. Their goal is to retire on passive income and they blog about their journey to reach that goal.

3. Dividend Monk

Matt has been investing for over 5 years and while he is not a real monk he does have a minimalist approach with a long term view. Matt likes to hold dividend growth stocks for the long term and reveals his dividend portfolio of 19 solid dividend payers.

4. Dividend Ninja

The Dividend Ninja has a very solid approach to dividend investing. You can read all about it on their about page. I love the modern design and feel this blog has but what we really care about is the content. The Ninja will help you stay on track with your investing and find solid stocks to invest in.

5. The Dividend Guy Blog

The Dividend Guy Blog has been a dependable source of dividend information for the last few years. Each week you can count on solid analysis, useful reading links and in depth articles explaining the ins and outs of dividend investing. Check out their 10 part dividend investment process.

6. Dividend Mantra

Dividend Mantra is trying to build a solid portfolio of dividend stocks, live frugally and retire by 40. Can it be done? With the right investments anything is possible. Get inspired by his money saving attitude and dividend goals.

7. Dividend Partisan

Last but not least, someone had to be #7, is Dividend Partisan. The Partisan currently owns 11 dividend stocks and has a top 20 list worth checking out. There could not be a better mission statement than what I’ve read here, and we wish them all the best.

That concludes our list of dividend blogs for today. If you have others that are worth mentioning please leave a comment below.

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  1. The Dividend Ninja
    The Dividend Ninja says:

    Hey DSO,
    Just noticed I made your list of blogs to read :) I wanted to thank you for including me and appreciate the link! If you or your readers have any topics you would like me to write about, just drop me a line.

    The Dividend Ninja

  2. Dividend Mantra
    Dividend Mantra says:

    Hey there DSO!

    Thanks so much for the mention, and I apologize about the late visit. I’m still getting used to “blogging” and I just realized I have an area for traffic information.

    Thanks again for the mention and you can count me among the loyal readers!

    Take care.

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