Roundup: How-To and Investing Tools

Looking for some great investing tools? Look no further than some of the blog posts written during the last week. The offerings from some of the great investment blogs offer insights into how to choose better investments, as well as tools that can be used to analyze your next move:

  1. SumZero is the Best Way To See Your Competition: The Dividend Pig takes a look at SumZero, a site aimed at providing actionable investment ideas. You have to pay a fee to get access to the site’s best stuff, but you can get an in-depth, actionable article for free once a week.
  2. Dividend Yield or Growth or both?: The Passive Income Earner provides some insight into the age-old dividend investing dilemma of yield vs. growth. You also get some solid ideas for using both when deciding what to do about an investment.
  3. The Safety of Short Term Bonds: Dividend Ninja knows that bond funds are out of favor. However, if you want to add a little bond safety to your portfolio, you can employ a short term bond strategy. An interesting post.
  4. Playing With Ex-Dividend Date: The Dividend Guy offers you a tutorial on making money by playing with the ex-dividend date of your investment choice. It’s a great primer on an interesting tool that can be used to your advantage.
  5. Creating a Single Portfolio with Multiple Accounts: Oblivious Investor offers a technique that can help you simplify your investment portfolio. Even if you have multiple account, you can still manage one portfolio.
  6. Picking an index tracker out of the investing swamp: Monevator provides some helpful insight into choosing an index tracker. You can take this seemingly complex process, and make it work for you. A helpful way to find the right index tracker for you.
  7. How To Invest In International Stocks: Buy Like Buffett offers some practical advice for someone who wants diversify into foreign investments. An overview of your international stock choices.