Roundup: Helpful Hints

As you put your finances in order or get ready to invest, it helps to have some hints from those who have gone before. Here are some great, inspirational and helpful posts from different bloggers in the past week:

  1. Plan to invest as shares fall: Monevator helps you stay focused on the long term. Be ready to invest when the market is dropping. It’s a good way to get more for less.
  2. It Feels Like Wal-Mart on a Black Friday — 4 Stocks That Will Rewards Your Gut To Invest In Volatile Markets: Are you ready to invest, even with this volatility? The Dividend Guy provides you with some helpful hints to investing during crazy times.
  3. Dividend Stocks are Not Popular: The Dividend Pig takes a look at trends in dividend investing. An interesting post that can help dividend investors decide what to focus on as they make decisions. Take some time for introspection.
  4. The 7 Links Project: This is a cool post from Dividend Ninja. As part of the 7 Links Project, he shares some very helpful posts. Take a look, and see if you can learn something from 7 of Dividend Ninja’s best posts.
  5. How To Evaluate The Benefits Of Breaking Your Mortgage: This is a great post on looking over your options when it comes to your mortgage. The Passive Income Earner shares some ideas about how you can break your mortgage and refinance to a lower rate — as long as it makes sense.
  6. Moving Day: Over at Dividend Mantra, you can learn about why he is ready to move to a smaller apartment. This is a pretty cool (and inspiring) post about how sometimes it makes sense to downsize.
  7. Safe Withdrawal Rates and Life Expectancy: As you get ready to withdraw money from your retirement account, you’ll want to do it right. Oblivious Investor has some helpful information about choosing a safe withdrawal rate to help you outlive your money.
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