Roundup: Updating Your Portfolio

Are you ready to update your investment portfolio? Now is the perfect time of year to think about rebalancing, and try to figure out what you should do for next year. If you are looking for some portfolio help, here are some great insights from around the blogosphere:

  1. Fixing a Broken Portfolio: Is it OK to Sell Low?: Mike at the Oblivious Investor takes a look at how you can salvage your portfolio. Great ideas on how to tackle a disappointing portfolio and then move on.
  2. What Are You Buying?: Dividend Mantra takes a few minutes to tell you what’s on his watch list. It’s a great idea to consider what you are doing — and figure out what you should be doing next.
  3. Would You Invest Everything in a 6% Distribution Portfolio?: Over at The Dividend Guy, Mike takes a look at a 6% distribution portfolio. As part of his post, he explores Canadian REITs, and their popularity. A great analysis of different portfolio options.
  4. Ah, the real estate market…: Dividend Partisan shares his experience of finally entering the real estate market. A great look at real estate, and where it might going, as well as how to include it in a portfolio.
  5. How small investors can drip-feed into Vanguard index funds: At Monevator, The Accumulator offers some information on how you can do better as a small investor. A great method for making the most of your investment with the help of drip-feeding.
  6. Let The Dust Settle Before Getting Into Apple: Before you jump into Apple following the death of Steve Jobs, it’s a good idea to take a step back. Value Walk takes a look at how you should take a measured approach.
  7. Medtronic (MDT) Dividend Stock Analysis: Over at Dividend Monk, Matt takes a look at Medtronic. A great analysis of a stock that you might consider a “reasonable buy” as an addition to your portfolio.