Dow Jones – New Dividend List Added

This week we have added a new dividend list for our top dividend members – dow jones dividend stocks. Most investors are very familiar with this index and the stocks that it includes but we wanted to make the dividend data for each of these companies available to our members. We also added the number of consecutive dividend increases for each of these stocks.

Interesting Numbers

While the Dow is often thought of as a slow moving index we found some interesting numbers that are worth sharing. All stocks in the index pay a dividend, although some have a very small yield. 9 of the 30 stocks listed have a negative return over the last 12 months. Only 10 of the 30 stocks have a dividend yield over 10% and 16 of the companies have increased its dividend for 5 years or more.

The average yield of the index is 2.6%. About half of these stocks have a DSO rating of 90 points or higher based on yield, relative performance and dividend growth.

The main reason we created this list is that we know many investors turn to the Dow 30 Index to find dividend stocks to invest in. We hope this list can be a quick data resource for anyone looking for information on Dow Dividend Stocks. As always, consult a financial advisor before making any stock market decisions.