A Different Way To Look At Dividend Yields – Infographic

Dividend data gets a little dry sometimes so we created this infographic to show how dividend-paying stocks fit into the market. This image is also available on our high dividend yield page.

There are over 4600 stocks that trade on the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges. Here is how the numbers break down:

  • 2030 pay a dividend
  • 780 have a yield over 3%
  • 370 have a yield over 5%
  • 960 have a positive 5 year dividend growth rate
  • 550 have a 5 year dividend growth rate over 7%
  • 55 have a postive 12 month return, dividend yield over 2%, payout ratio under 65, Net income growth rate over 5% and a 5 year dividend growth rate over 7%.