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Value Dividends

When investing in a dividend stock you don’t base your decision to invest on the yield alone. Value plays an important role because after all, we want that stock to go higher while we own it. That’s what makes dividend investors rich, stocks that go higher and pay out dividends as they go. The P/E […]

Dividend Stocks With Lots Of Cash

We all like a good dividend paying stock, but we want to know that the company has the profits and the cash to keep paying their dividend each month or quarter. Since the downturn in the economy, companies have been trying to raise cash to improve their balance sheets and attract investors. These 3 stocks […]

Stocks with a Annual Dividend of $4 or more

Stocks that pay a high dividend are always of interest to dividend investors. The annual dividend doesn’t always mean its a good stock to buy, but its appealing to many investors to know that they can be earning $4 or more for each share they own annually.

High Dividend Stocks can be risky

There has been a lot of talk lately in the news about dividend stocks. Along with that talk we hear a lot about stocks being at risk of having their dividends cut or completely

Dividend Investment

Dividend Investment is an important part of every investors portfolio.  As the market conditions have recently weakened there has been an increased interest in finding the best dividend stocks.  Here are some answers that many investors are looking for as they seek out dividends. Common Questions What is a dividend yield How do dividends get […]