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Make Your Investment Dollars Work Harder For You

Income investors know about efficiency. They know that income comes from two sources: First, by making their money work as hard as it can and second, reduce commissions and taxes to their lowest possible level. In the case of the latter, it’s a little more straightforward. Reduce your tax liability by holding on to our […]

20 Potentially Undervalued Stocks With High Dividend Yields

Value investing is back.  Investors are flocking to anything with perceived value to avoid the market swings we are seeing every day.  There are many different methods and formulas you can use to identify undervalued dividend stocks.  The dividend growth model is one that we have mentioned before.  Discounted cash flow and comparing current dividend […]

The 5 Best REITs with High Growth

REITs are a great way to get exposure to the real estate market while earning a high dividend yield.  REITs pay out 90% of their income to shareholders to avoid paying income taxes and therefore have very high dividend yields.  Because of this distribution norm these investments usually have a very high payout ratio. On […]

Here’s How to Dramatically Increase Your 401(k) Returns

Are you a football fan? If somebody gave you $10,000 and said that you had to wager that money on who would be best team of the three, would you pick the Dolphins (0-5), the Broncos (1-4) the Rams (0-5) or the Colts? (0-6) Not a football fan? If somebody gave you $30,000 and said […]

800 Dividends Started But Only 100 Remain

A few days ago we built and published our new dividend lists for May. We started out with dividend stocks that met our criteria of a dividend yield of 2.9% or higher and removed any stocks that had a negative dividend growth rate. The result was just over 800 stocks. From there we rate each […]

7 Dividend Blogs You Need To Read

We aim to inform our readers with quality dividend posts and lists… but we can’t cover everything. There are several other great bloggers out there covering dividend investing that you should be reading. Use these blogs to help you with your dividend learning and research. 1. The Dividend Pig Follow the Dividend Pig on their […]

Consistent High Yield Stocks

Every investor looking for income from their stocks likes consistency. Who wants to buy a stock and be concerned that the dividend could get cut or the stock could tumble lower. Safe Dividend List – March The safe dividend stock list has over 30 stocks that have been raising their dividend for 25 years or […]

5 Perfect Dividend Stocks

Top 100 Dividend List We have 5 stocks with perfect 100 point ratings from the top 100 dividend list this month. There are plenty of other high rated stocks coming it at just below perfect and all are worth consideration. McDonalds just missed being perfect because of what we consider a less than perfect dividend […]

Make $1000 A Month With These Dividend Stocks

Generating monthly income is a top priority for everyone. Most of our expenses recur monthly and we need monthly income to keep things going. One of the most attractive features of dividend-paying stocks is that they pay you cash. But most dividend stocks pay out their dividend on a quarterly basis. Wouldn’t it be great […]

Qualified Dividends

Qualified dividends are currently a subject of frequent discussion in the national news media, especially in relation to the future status of US federal government tax cuts. The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) classifies these dividends as dividends meeting certain requirements that allow them to be taxed at the lower long-term capital gains tax rate rather […]