Reactions to Spain, and Q3 Earnings Season To Start This Week

On 2012/10/01, in News, by

Last week ended with Spain as the big news. Now that investors have had a weekend to mull over what’s been learned, we will get an idea of what the markets think of the current eurozone situation. On Thursday, Spain revealed its budget for the next fiscal year. As expected, the government stayed away from […]


Markets Look to Spain, Middle East, and Apple

On 2012/09/24, in News, by

Markets are looking to see what happens on a few fronts right now. There is interest in what is next for the eurozone, thanks to the rumors that Spain might be ready to cave and ask for bailout funds. On top of that, the Middle East could be flaring up again, as protests and outrage […]

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QE3 Ends Up Being Quantitative Easing Unchained

On 2012/09/17, in News, by

The really big news last week was the announcement of QE3. After a two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting, Fed Chair Ben Bernanke announced that another round of quantitative easing is in order. But he didn’t just announce a set figure for injection into the economy. Instead, he announced an unlimited program. Unlike the previous […]

ECB Bond Buying and the US Employment Picture

On 2012/09/10, in News, by

Last week has given us some food for thought as we head in to a new and interesting week. What’s happening in Europe remains a strong focal point for investors, and US economic news is also an important focus for investors. Mario Draghi Announced Bond Buying Program Investors widely expected ECB President Mario Draghi to […]


Ben Bernanke Speaks: Who’s Ready for QE3?

On 2012/09/03, in News, by

On Friday, central bankers from around the world met in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a symposium over the Labor Day weekend. The most-anticipated speech of this yearly gathering is always the one given on the first day, by the Chair of the Federal Reserve. Ben Bernanke spoke to the assembled central bankers, and made a […]

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Still Trying to Sort Out the Eurozone Problems

On 2012/08/27, in News, by

Last week showed that the problems in the eurozone aren’t just going to disappear. There are still some very real issues to tackle, and it’s not helping that the rest of the world seems to be stagnating economically. There has been a lot to worry about recently, and the fact that the bulls managed to […]

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Focus Back on Europe This Week

On 2012/08/20, in News, by

Last week ended on a relatively subdued note. The week was mostly quiet as investors waited for the end of Angela Merkel’s vacation, and more word on what’s next for Europe. While US economic data has certainly provided some food for thought, last week wasn’t very exciting. This week, though, could prove quite exciting, depending […]

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The Week Ahead: US Economic Data

On 2012/08/13, in News, by

This week, it’s all about the upcoming economic data. While there is practically nothing of interest today, Tuesday and Wednesday will see prints of interesting data. This is data that should provide some insight into what the Federal Reserve is likely to do next. In general, though, data is expected to be lackluster. Tuesday: July […]

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More Volatility Ahead: What’s REALLY Going on Here?

On 2012/08/06, in News, by

Last week ended in spectacular fashion. After stock markets tanked earlier in the week, dismayed at ECB President Mario Draghi’s remarks, stocks came roaring back with the help of better than expected nonfarm payrolls data. The week ahead looks to be an interesting one, with more data from the United Kingdom on the way, and […]

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ECB, Fed in Focus This Week

On 2012/07/30, in News, by

Last week was rather eventful, with Europe once again providing the catalyst. Early in the week, concerns about the eurozone sent stocks lower. However, by the close on Friday, the Dow was above 13,000. The change in sentiment was brought on by the announcement by ECB President Mario Draghi that the European Central Bank stands […]