Praxair: Long-term Growth Story That Is Still Cheap

On 2015/11/01, in Blog, by Staff

Praxair Investment Highlights • Excellent sector diversification means Praxair can withstand weakness in any one or two segments while still generating good cash flow • Management is committed to shareholder cash return through dividends and repurchases • The company is highly leveraged with almost two-thirds the capital structure in debt but still carries a good […]


How to Pick Dividend Stocks with a Time Machine

On 2015/04/26, in Blog, by Staff

If you’re like me, you spend a fair amount of time thinking about the stocks that got away. Those times in the market when you wish you had the foresight to buy into a sector or even into a specific stock. The times when all the economic data and analysis was right there in front […]


AT&T: Expansion Plans should support Sales Growth and Shares

On 2014/12/07, in Uncategorized, by Staff

AT&T (NYSE: T) is the second-largest U.S. wireless carrier with nearly 100 million customers across a broad mix of telecommunications services. AT&T still offers local phone services in 22 states as well as internet, television, data services and web hosting. The company books 55% of sales from wireless services, followed by wireline data and managed […]


Clorox: A great company but a not-so-great investment

On 2014/08/20, in Uncategorized, by Staff

With a market capitalization of $11.5 billion, the Clorox Company (CLX) is the smaller of the mega-cap consumer products companies. Clorox is more focused than competitors, only competing in three segments: cleaning products (approximately 40% of sales), household products (35%) and lifestyle (25%). The company is slightly less internationally diversified than peers with 78% of […]


After a Strong Increase, Cisco Shares May Still be A Buy

On 2014/06/12, in Uncategorized, by Staff

Cisco is the leader in its core market of switches and routers for network connectivity but has also made significant progress to expand its product offers into other categories. The company’s other business lines include data center, enterprise wireless and security. In the past, these were primarily ancillary offerings that were basically add-ons to the […]


Best of Breed Dividend Investing

On 2014/03/05, in Uncategorized, by Staff

Sometimes, it seems there are more methods to pick stocks than there are stocks themselves. Investors have to decide whether to focus on top-down or bottom-up analysis then must continuously monitor the economy and events internal and external to the companies in their portfolio. Investing in Best of Breed companies makes the whole process a […]


Take A Look At These Dividend Stocking-Stuffers

On 2013/12/24, in Uncategorized, by Staff

Stocking gifts are not the only good things that come in small packages. Small-cap stocks can offer investors market-beating growth and still provide a regular dividend stream. Look for companies with strong sales growth, a return on assets above 10% and a positive history of increasing cash returns. Can small companies be good dividend plays? […]


4 Dividend Stocks to Hold and 1 to Buy This November

On 2012/11/12, in Blog, by Staff

The upgrades continue to outpace the downgrades so far in November for stocks that pay dividends.  We went through all the analyst rating changes for the last few days to identify upgrades and downgrades for stocks with a dividend yield of 2% or more.  We have provided the reason for the new rating from the […]


7 Dividend Stocks These Analysts Won’t Buy

On 2012/11/08, in Blog, by Staff

More than 20 dividend stocks have received new ratings from analysts already in November.  Only 7 of those stocks have been downgrades.  Each of the stocks on this list has a dividend yield of 2% or more.  We have listed the reason for the downgrade and the new price target if the investment firm made […]


Reactions to Spain, and Q3 Earnings Season To Start This Week

On 2012/10/01, in News, by

Last week ended with Spain as the big news. Now that investors have had a weekend to mull over what’s been learned, we will get an idea of what the markets think of the current eurozone situation. On Thursday, Spain revealed its budget for the next fiscal year. As expected, the government stayed away from […]