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Dividend Stocks With Income And Revenue Growth

There has been a lot of uncertainty in the markets lately. Many analyst are out there broadly pushing dividend stocks as the safest place to put your money. While it is true that dividend payers as a whole are a solid place to park your cash for cash flow and long term investment we have […]

How to Pick Dividend Stocks with a Time Machine

If you’re like me, you spend a fair amount of time thinking about the stocks that got away. Those times in the market when you wish you had the foresight to buy into a sector or even into a specific stock. The times when all the economic data and analysis was right there in front […]

After a Strong Increase, Cisco Shares May Still be A Buy

Cisco is the leader in its core market of switches and routers for network connectivity but has also made significant progress to expand its product offers into other categories. The company’s other business lines include data center, enterprise wireless and security. In the past, these were primarily ancillary offerings that were basically add-ons to the […]

Best of Breed Dividend Investing

Sometimes, it seems there are more methods to pick stocks than there are stocks themselves. Investors have to decide whether to focus on top-down or bottom-up analysis then must continuously monitor the economy and events internal and external to the companies in their portfolio. Investing in Best of Breed companies makes the whole process a […]

A Different Way To Look At Dividend Yields – Infographic

Dividend data gets a little dry sometimes so we created this infographic to show how dividend-paying stocks fit into the market. This image is also available on our high dividend yield page. There are over 4600 stocks that trade on the NYSE and Nasdaq exchanges. Here is how the numbers break down: 2030 pay a […]

Dow Jones – New Dividend List Added

This week we have added a new dividend list for our top dividend members – dow jones dividend stocks. Most investors are very familiar with this index and the stocks that it includes but we wanted to make the dividend data for each of these companies available to our members. We also added the number […]

Chris Johnson’s Favorite Dividend Stocks for a Recovering Market

I usually keep CNBC on while I’m working during the day and yesterday I overheard a commentator saying one of my favorite things to hear, “We like dividend paying stocks.” The analyst being interviewed was Chris Johnson, chief investment strategist for Johnson Research Group and Director of research JK Investment group.  He has over 20 […]

10 Utility Dividend Stocks with Consecutive Dividend Increases

Its no secret that dividend increases drive total returns.  Increasing the dividend maintains the yield as the stock price increases.  Alternatively if a stock’s yield is increasing without the stock price rising investors buy up the stock driving ROI for shareholders. Utility stocks were one of the most favored investments during the chaotic market conditions […]

HealthCare REITs with Strong Dividend Growth

Healthcare REITs have been gaining a lot of attention in recent weeks. Many of these stocks have been upgraded by analysts due to the positive outlook they have on the sector. Healthcare REITs are generally companies that buy, develop and manage properties and facilities that provide healthcare services. These facilities can be long term care facilities […]

Should You Borrow to Invest in Dividend Stocks?

A number of dividend investors become somewhat impatient when building an income portfolio. And with fairly good reason. After all, building a solid income portfolio takes patience and time. In some cases, it might desirable to buy a large amount of stock in a dividend paying company because the price is low, or because you […]