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High Return Tech Dividend Stocks

The following list includes the top 50 performing tech stocks with a dividend yield of 1% or more and a payout ratio under 90%. There are over 150 tech stocks that returned 10% or more in 2017.

High Cash Flow Dividend Stocks

This list has dividend stocks with high dividend growth and the cash flow to keep it going. We paid special attention the payout ratio to make sure none of these companies are paying out more than 70% of earnings as a dividend.

What is the DSO rating?

One of our most frequently asked questions is “What is the DSO rating?” You’ll see this phrase located in the top right hand corner of our dividend lists. The DSO (Dividend Stocks Online) rating uses the most important data points available to rate the past performance of dividend stocks. These factors include the dividend yield, […]

Top Dividend Growth Stocks of 2017

Dividend growth is a key metric for dividend stocks. We found 50 stocks that have increased their dividend by 5% or more over the last year. Each of these stocks yields 2% or more, has positive revenue growth over the last year and a payout ratio under 80%.

Best Performing Dividend Stocks of 2017

As we close in on the end of the 3rd quarter let’s take a look at the top performing dividend stocks of the year. To make the list stocks had to have 5 year dividend growth over 3% and positive 3 year income growth. We also removed any stocks with payout ratios over 80% due […]

Stock Picking Based on Company History

When you are choosing dividends so that you can begin building an income stream, it is important to consider your options and choose carefully. There are a few items you should consider as you look for the best dividend stocks, and one of them is payment history. You want to follow the trends in dividend […]

Top 25 Dividend Growth Stocks With Income Growth

We are launching a new series of blog posts this week that highlight the best dividend growth stocks. Today’s list reveals the top 25 stocks that yield 2% or more and have increased their dividend for 15 consecutive years. The stocks are ranked by their 3 year income growth percentage. Dividend growth is a key […]